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The Lodestone Philosophy


The Lodestone team provides each group and individual with the opportunity to discover their own natural direction. We believe that each group member already possesses personal strengths and unique styles of leadership. We believe that each individual is an essential part in the Success of the Team. From our corporate team building and change management trainings to our youth self-esteem and women's programs, this philosophy is the lifeblood of all of our experiential trainings.

Whether we're creating a high ropes course program or in an indoor corporate visioning retreat, we utilize the philosophies of "challenge by choice" and experiential education to design unique organizational development experiences that positively and permanently impact the way group members see and interact with each other.


Why Experiential Education?wpf09171bb.png


The strength of experiential education lies in the personal involvement of each participant in the group's overall learning process. Through a series of problem solving activities, the team is challenged to accomplish tasks through strategic planning, collaboration, organization, trust, and most importantly . . . effective teamwork. Experientially based leadership development programs are profound because these principles are not taught, they are experienced.


What Makes Lodestone Adventures Unique?


Lodestone Adventures takes the time to meet with each client prior to programs in order to gather crucial information pertaining to the objective of the group. Every Lodestone program is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each individual team. The teambuilding exercises and challenge course activities that are used on our courses are each carefully selected or created to facilitate the empowerment of the team as a whole, as well as each of its individual members.Practical Application and Transference are the key components of each leadership skills development activity. The Lodestone staff assists your team in seeing the application of each experience and how it can translate into results.wp804b8f53.png


Lodestone delivers each program with a focus on quality. This focus reveals itself in the sites that we utilize for lodging, our ropes course sites and our highly experienced Lodestone staff. Lodestone always delivers more than was expected.


Lodestone Adventures strives to make everything as easy as possible for our clients, from planning through implementation and applications, whether your group wants multi-day off-site trainings and corporate retreats, or a half-day or one-day event. Through our coordination of all client conference needs, Lodestone provides "one-stop shopping" for conferences, trainings, and retreats.


Lodestone Adventures lives what we teach ..."TEAM!" Because of the many partnerships that we have formed over the years, Lodestone Adventures is able to say, "Yes!" to meeting each client's needs. From lodging, course sites, theme events, to team T-shirts and accessories, Lodestone is committed to providing only the highest quality experience available. Our mission is to provide more than expected and to serve our participants in every way possible.



The Lodestone Mission


Lodestone Adventures is an international team development organization. Through adventure and experienced based activities, Lodestone assists organizational teams in the development of their greatest leadership potential.


Lodestone's Goal

Our goal is to help you identify your group's existing strengths and overcome obstacles, unleashing ultimate potential and subsequently... ultimate success.


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